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We're a heart-centered global village where changemakers FEEL-THINK-LEARN-PLAY-COCREATE©. With JOY!

About Us

What is Heart-to-Heart.Online?

We are a heart-centered global online village founded in Jan 2020 built around circles of trust creating the conditions for its citizens to meet like minded-people, unleash their unique potential, deepen their understanding of our reality, scale their impact and create their legacy. With joy.

Joining us is about belonging to a place that supports you over your lifetime as events in your life come and go, challenges get overcome, and new ones arrive. That doesn't mean that you are always deeply involved, but it means that you are investing in having a place you can always go to and reach out to someone who cares. Often, you are that special someone who is there for someone else because this is not about being serviced - it is about all of us being in service to each other.

Along the way, we find meaning and joy, unlearn and relearn, unleash our unique potential, scale our impact, and create our legacy. Together, we find new solutions to today's toughest challenges and inspire each other to co-create a future worth living.


We do not care what your title is, how well-off you are, which school you went to, what your political beliefs are, and where you come from. We are not concerned with how tall you are, how old you are, what you wear, and what the color of your skin is. We care whether you show up and engage heart-to-heart. We want to know who you are, what keeps you up at night, what your highest aspirations are and how we can support you to live your life in service to your boldest dreams.


No matter what age or background, we are all here to both teach and learn, as well as unlearn. We understand that in order to find novel solutions to today's toughest challenges, find meaning and joy, and co-create positive impact, we need to keep transforming ourselves, deepen our understanding of our reality, and expand our capacity to think systemically. 


We’ve been on a journey for several years and we've experienced our shared humanity and that special sense of oneness. We've surprised ourselves with how brilliant we all are and what we are capable of when we feel safe and supported to be true to ourselves and to speak truth to bullshit. We felt the unlimited possibilities that open up when we team up with like-minded, yet diverse, people and tap into our collective intelligence.


The ultimate step of our journey is to start acting in the now driven by our highest aspirations, our renewed sense of self and that sense of deep resonance and oneness with fellow changemakers of diverse expertise and origins. When we do that, we feel the power we possess to co-create new realities with love, scale our impact and create our legacy.

3 Options To Be With Us

As a Visitor,

you have FREE access to the public information without signing. That includes:

  • listening to the episodes of our Vanilla Weeds Podcast
  • watching some of our Legacy H2H Talks
  • access to other resources in our Village Library
  • participation in Heart Whispers events - Family and Systemic Constellaitons with free access or one-time contribution.

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As an Explorer,

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As a CoCreator,

you need to sign up, create an account and pay a self-defined contribution. In addition to all the priviliges under Option 1 and 2, you will also be able to:

  • Access WomenH2H - our original Circle of Trust for women changemakers and co-creators.
  • Create/ access other Circles of Trust and Events.
  • Access Our Village Playground.

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